Wedding in a week
The Royalton On The Greens in Melville is the perfect backdrop for your wedding!
Bridal Gown
A bridal gown valued at $1000.
Flowers from Pedestals Floral Decorators of Garden City Park
Wedding Bands
Your wedding bands (rings) from Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry in Greenvale.
Groom’s Tuxedo
Will be provided by The Wedding Plaza of Floral Park
DJ Services from EJ The DJ
Hair and Makeup
Joseph Christopher for Beauty & Wellness of Long Beach.

Adam & Lindsey

Lindsey and I have been in love from the minute we accidentally met after I was stood-up on a blind date! I knew after our first conversation that she would be the only woman I could spend forever with. Now, after 8 roller coaster years we want to tie the knot, but financially we are strapped. I’m a pro wrestler aspiring to switch careers into real estate, and like most, the pandemic has crippled us. Lindsey is currently an assistant manager at Kay Jewelers, and the retail business has been so slow; her hours have been cut and we are barely able to keep up with our bills. Lindsey is a single mother who works full time and  is currently enrolled online to get her college degree with aspirations towards nursing, but tuition and other expenses just keep piling up. Twice, we attempted to plan a wedding but Covid and economic hardship have continued to weigh us down.  We are also currently going through the ivf process to have a child of our own and grow our family, and these expenses health insurance do not cover either. Lindsey comes from a very traditional Italian background and she has her heart set on buying a house and being married with my last name before she has another child – so anyone can imagine how tough it is for us right now to raise an 11 year old and cover our monthly finances and try to budget a wedding… This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for us – to even have any help whatsoever would be a god-sent miracle. I love this woman and her son Gregory to death and would do anything for them – which is why I switched careers and have been veering off from my childhood dreams to become a full time professional wrestler in order to better provide. I have learned a new craft, becoming a bank attorney representative, which is a much more dull and lackluster career than wrestling but it helps to feed us better. And because of that, I spend most days in traffic now, traveling all over the ends of Brooklyn and Queens back to Riverhead, Long Island, and everywhere in between. I listen to KJOY 98.3 maybe 5 plus hours daily and wait for every John Tesh life-hack because they’re interesting and very helpful! Also, the traffic updates and tunes help me get through the mental weight of most days. If we were to be chosen for this Wedding in a Week contest, all of our lives would forever be changed and my fiancé can have finally have my last name, and it would allow us to funnel our small savings into buying a house and creating a real home for the three of us!

Emily & Daniel

My fiancé and I met at Binghamton University in 2016. It was my best friend’s birthday and I did not want to go out that night, as I had a huge test the next day. All my other friends said it would be so mean and I would be a bad friend if I didn’t go. That night was the night I met my future husband. If it wasn’t for my best friend’s birthday we would have never met. To make the story even crazier, my best friend and my fiancé have the same birthday, so when I went out it was his birthday as well. From that night on, the rest was history.

Valerie & Joseph

Joseph and I met as two strangers in August of 2018. brought us together and we fell in love. We grew together so quickly as a couple. Just a few months later in November of 2018, I went into the Nassau county police academy. Joseph stuck by my side as I went to boot camp everyday for six months and even had to get pepper sprayed in the academy. I graduated and started my career on the Port Washington police department where I am employed to date. This is my dream job, but it has not been easy. Being on the front lines of the protests and the pandemic as a first responder has been very hard. I got Covid twice from helping the community and bringing sick people to the hospital every day. I’ve had friends injured from calls in the height of the protests and have even lost a brother in blue from the Port Washington Police Department from a fatal car accident. From the second I joined the job it has been a very hard but rewarding job to do. Joseph’s side of our relationship wasn’t easy either. Joseph had been a plumber for fifteen years. When Covid came around he had to part ways with the company he has been with for fifteen years. This did not stop Joseph. He wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop him from his dream. He opened his own plumbing company in the height of Covid, when everyone was losing their jobs and the economy was falling. This is an incredibly scary time to open a business but he went in it full force. He bought two box trucks, stocked them, hired a marketing team, answering service, and 2 plumbers which helped them get a job when they were laid off from a pool store due to Covid. His plumbing company is located in Massapequa where we reside together. We have a home and two boxer puppies named Bentley and Nova. Being a police officer with only a couple of years on and Joseph being a new business owner, it has been extremely difficult for us to move forward with our relationship when it comes to our dreams of getting married. All of our finances go towards trying to get his new business off the ground, and making sure our bills get paid for our mortgage. We have told our families that we might have to just get married with us two at a court house and they have been pressuring us to have a small wedding. Unfortunately, we cannot even afford to do that. Winning this wedding would be the rainbow after the storm. We have face so much adversity and have never given up. We believe in being compassionate, kind, hard working, and helpful people to the communities we serve and have faith that everything comes full circle. If we had the opportunity to win this wedding it would make our dreams come true!!

Erin & Kevin

We’ve been together for almost seven years now. We met at our former restaurant job where we were friends. We got close and he told me he likes me, and I told him no, we’re just friends. And then you know our relationship grew and he said you know we’re going to date now and I said no I just want to be by myself and I was trying to push him away. But he wasn’t having any of that; he said no I’m going to hold your hand, I’m going to kiss you, and I’m taking you on a date. That was almost seven years ago, and he is the most amazing man to me. He takes care of me and I take care of him. We bond on Bible verses, God, and dreaming of buying a home and having babies.  We wanted to do a small wedding in The Poconos, but it all got too expensive and because we want to buy a home, we will go to town hall and then have dinner. We are just so grateful that we found each other in this crazy world.

Stephanie & Kayla

We met while we were both waitressing at the same restaurant in 2017 and had an instant connection. I was all set in my head to move to Arizona to live with my brother that fall, but those plans were derailed after spending the summer with Kayla making memories to last a lifetime and falling in love like in the movies. We worked hard and got our dream jobs in NYC and moved in together, but before we knew it, we were living a nightmare.  We were both first responders working 70+ hour weeks without being able to see each other as the COVID pandemic hit the city hard. But, we came out of it with an even stronger bond, a greater appreciation for each other, and more in love than before. We got a puppy and started making more time for ourselves to enjoy life every second we could be together. I then got diagnosed with cancer, and had to have surgery in October of 2020, and Kayla stood by my side and was my rock throughout everything. We both got COVID that December and luckily made it through without any major problems. I have always said “life is too short to waste any of it,” and that rings true for us even more now than before. Winning this contest would be an amazing blessing for us and our families. We want to show other LGBTQ+ youth who may be struggling that it is okay to be yourself and love who you love because at the end of the day, the person you come home to is the greatest gift in the world. I cannot wait to marry Kayla, and winning this contest would help us achieve the wedding of our dreams!

Brendan & Courtney

My name is Brendan and I met my fiancé, Courtney, 8 years ago on an app called Tinder. I had no expectations anything would come from it, but I swiped right on a girl I didn’t realize would become my world. We talked day and night on the phone, most nights falling asleep to each other’s thoughts. It was easy to talk to her. Unfortunately, it took weeks for her to agree to meet up with me as she’s shy. I knew from the conversations that we had, she was worth the wait. We were multiple towns apart, me in Amityville, and her in Lynbrook. The only time she’s heard of Amityville was the Amityville Horror House, which was not a good selling point.
  When she finally agreed to meet, it was while I was stuck to a chair getting a large tattoo. Who doesn’t feel all warm and safe in a tattoo parlor? As the gentleman I am, I brought her a chair to sit with me so we could talk face to face while I was under the needle. By the end of the session I knew she was the one, and asked her on a proper date.
  On our first date I got locked in the bathroom for 40 minutes with her in my living room. I would’ve climbed out the window if I could, but I’m a big guy. My dad had to take the door off the hinges. All I kept thinking was how this girl would never step foot in this house again after witnessing that. Luckily, she still went to dinner and we ended the night with a walk on the beach.
We’re complete opposites, I’m outspoken and confident, whereas she’s shy and reserved. We balance each other out where I’ve gotten her out of her shell, she’s reeled me in. We share passions, mine working on cars and hers fresh water fishing. We’re a team, rebuilding my first Chevy 1988 pickup truck and competing in fresh water fishing tournaments together.
  I proposed four year ago at the Massapequa Preserve. It was 20 degrees, but I insisted we had to keep the tradition of thanksgiving fishing alive. As we reeled in our lines, ice would form. Without any feeling left in our bodies, I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She hesitated because she didn’t think it was real. For weeks I had been fake proposing. She screamed yes and hugged me tightly. I had never been so happy in my life.
  It’s been a very long four years of trying to plan a wedding. With the economy, we cannot afford a wedding and a place to live. Currently we live at our parents’ house, working multiple jobs, saving every penny to try to buy a home together. We would love to have a wedding to celebrate our crazy love story with friends and family but, we will most likely end up doing a courthouse wedding.  

Meghan & Lawrence

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Well, I was out at sea for eight days when I met my forever fish.  On July 4, 2019, I walked onto Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas with my best friend and her family with not a thought of meeting my future husband. I knew being out at sea, I would come across thousands of different faces. Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, that very first night on the ship this “Larry guy” came up to me at the bar.  Would you believe this “Larry guy” at the time offered to BUY me a drink on his UNLIMITED drink package. Free of charge, I let Larry buy me a drink.

My friend Emily and I called it quits somewhat early that first night. Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, the next morning who is the first head I see on the pool deck this “Larry guy”.  Emily and I go to the upper deck and who is there this “Larry guy.” Emily and I go to the buffet and who is getting pizza with his younger brother this “Larry guy!”  It wasn’t until that night on July 5, 2019 that I hung out with this “Larry guy” and every night after.

I knew Larry was vacationing with his extended family of about thirty people, but little did I know that his thirty person family referred to me as “Meghan of the Seas”. Weird, but funny, but little did I know at the time that I spoke to Larry SR before Larry JR. I was standing at the bar with my friend and because I had a NYPD shirt on (for my brother and dad) this guy, Larry SR., stopped to ask if we were from New York and who I knew on the job. He then proceeded to tell their entire dinner table that he met this red-headed girl from Long Island who drinks beers.

They say cruise ships are massive and you may not see the same face you saw the day before, but boy I could not avoid Larry if I tried, and I have to say I had no intention of trying. I knew eventually the vacation would be coming to an end, but what I did not realize was this “Larry guy” was only fourteen miles away from where I lived back on Long Island. Did I get lucky meeting a kid from Franklin Square on the FIRST day on a ship that holds thousands of people.

Well, this “Larry guy” took me out on our first date and well one thing led to another and now I live with this “Larry guy” with an engagement ring on my finger and the happiest smile on my face!

So in short I was pinged as “Meghan of the Seas” and an Irish girl with red-hair from Long Island who drinks beers by 30 people who are now my in-laws!

PS. They still call me “Meghan of the Seas”!

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