Middle Aged Dad Jam Band

Middle Aged Dad Jam Band

City Winery NYC presents Middle Aged Dad Jam Band  live in concert on October 20th at 8pm

Ken Marino and David Wain met at NYU in 1988 where they co-founded the legendary sketch comedy group THE STATE. They stayed friends and collaborators over the years, working together on movies like Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer and Wanderlust and TV shows like Childrens Hospital, Medical Police and of course The State.

Ken also has acted in a dumb amount of television series, and currently stars on The Other Two (HBO) and Party Down (Starz). 
They are ALSO middle-aged dads and wannabe rockstars. So recently they got together with a group of other old friends (some dads, some not; some middle aged, some not) and started jamming, playing a diverse songbook of classic rock, pop, Motown, alt, New Orleans, favorites from the 60s, 70s and 80s. 

When clips of these jam sessions went viral on social media, it led to some sold-out live shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco which solidified the Middle Aged Dad Jam Band as “literally the best live music show of all time.” (NY Times)* 

The band is: 
Ken Marino – lead vocal 
David Wain – drums 
Frank Barrera – guitar 
Sweet Teddy P – bass 
Jon Spurney – keys/guitar 
Jordan Katz – trumpet 
Henry Wain – sax 

…and a large revolving group of amazing guests which have included “Weird Al” Yankovic, Joe Lo Truglio, Jackie Tohn and Kerri Kenney.