Ever since Mallory’s career in radio began in 2016, she’s always had one goal when she opens the mic: to make others smile. Here are six quick facts about Mallory to help you get to know her better: 

  • Mallory grew up in the Midwest but has also lived as far west as Washington and as far south as Florida. 
  • She’s a dog mom to two Chinese Sharpei mixes, Mila & Kelso. If you want to see pictures of them, she has thousands she could show you. 
  • She loves to bake and wholeheartedly believes one day she will compete in a Food Network baking competition show
  • Mallory has a passion for fashion and staying up on the latest trends — even though you can find her wearing baggy sweatpants and a graphic tee most days.
  • She has one (and only one) tattoo inspired by the movie Scarface.
  • Her favorite meal is a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp and a side of crispy french fries.