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  • How Long Should a Hug Last? 

    Psychologists at the University of London looked into it and they say a hug that’s intended to make someone feel […]

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  • Why Your Dog Needs a Fitness Tracker 

    Does your dog need a fitness tracker? They might……Because more than half of all dogs are considered overweight or obese.  […]

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  • Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money

    If you’re looking to earn some extra money, here are a few side hustles to consider:  First: Teach classes online. […]

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  • Your Relationship Depends on Your Bedtime

    Why should you and your partner go to bed at the same time… To improve your relationship, you and your […]

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  • Why Dog Thieves are After Your Pet 

    According to animal rescue groups, dog thefts have nearly doubled. Keep a close eye on your PETS! Because, according to […]

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  • The Secret Tip that Builds Willpower Muscle

    How using your non-dominant hand changes your brain. If you’re doing anything that requires willpower – like dieting or cutting […]

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With 6 Emmy awards, 4 gold albums and an AP award for investigative journalism John Tesh has, for the past forty-five years, enjoyed international recognition as an award-winning journalist, composer, broadcaster, and concert pianist. His Intelligence For Your Life radio programs air on over 300 stations and reach 9 million people each week. John’s highly successful and varied career path also includes six years as a correspondent for CBS News, a ten-year run as anchor on Entertainment Tonight, a broadcast host and music composer for the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. John also owns the unique distinction of composing what critics have hailed as “the greatest sports theme in television history” (Roundball Rock) for NBC Sports basketball broadcasts. John’s 7 live television concerts, including the seminal “Live at Red Rocks,” have raised millions for Public Television. In 2020, John published his memoir, Relentless: Unleashing a Life of Purpose, Grit, and Faith. John and his wife, Connie Sellecca, their two children and three grandchildren, live in Los Angeles, California.