Forgotten Road

The Forgotten Road is located at Sothaven Park – 761 Victory Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980.

You\’ll begin your 1 1/2 mile journey on “The Forgotten Road” as the story unfolds around you. History will repeat itself as the chilling details of a 40 year \”cold case\” begin to unravel before your eyes, and the only two survivors of the infamous “Campground Massacre” finally reveal the truth on a live radio broadcast. Keep your car doors locked! Gateway\’s Forgotten Road is a haunted drive you will never forget as you try to connect the clues in time to solve the mystery… Before this road haunts you for all eternity.


One of the most important parts of enjoying the show is having the soundtrack saved to your mobile device, memory card, CD, cassette, 8-track or whatever else will allow you to listen in your vehicle.

Sometimes the wireless service at Southaven Park is not the best, and we want to ensure you have the best possible experience so make sure you download this audio.

You can save the podcast parts or use the direct download links below.  If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]