Welcome Safe-T-Swim!

Welcome Safe-T-Swim!

K-98.3 is proud to welcome Saf-T-Swim to Melville, at 515 Broadhollow Road. Have your kids taken swimming lessons? Maybe they learned, but it’s time for a refresher. Either way – send your kids swimming with the latest in goggle technology.

Since the summer, my kids have been trying Giggly Goggles, by DaphDaph. If your kids struggle with traditional goggles, which often get tight and leave their imprint around their eyes, and whose small elastic band gets tied up in ponytails, you have to try these.

Designed by Daphne Kaufer, these very different new goggles are made from neoprene and rubber – and YES, they DO stay in place, and keep water out of your eyes. They even offer UV protection for summer days at the beach. They work great, and they’re a definite head turner – other kids will gaze longingly, and other parents will wonder where you found such an innovative pair of goggles for your kids.

They offer many designs so your kids can customize their own look – my daughter loves her superhero design!

Check out all their designs, and order your Giggly Goggles here: https://daphdaph.com/swim-goggles.html. Tell ’em you heard about it on K-98.3.