End of an era, Boardy Barn announces sale

End of an era, Boardy Barn announces sale

Hampton Bays, NY- The Boardy Barn, an iconic Long Island landmark on the east end announced Thursday on Facebook that it had been sold. Originally opened in 1970 and known for it’s red and white tent and great music, the Boardy Barn hosted five generations of Long Islanders on weekends in the summer.

“The Barn”, as it was dubbed by locals, primarily opened only on Sundays from Memorial Day to Labor Day with occasional extra days open on holiday weekends and for special occasions. The Barn was known for it’s music where crowds of strangers would belt out classics like Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel as well as countless others. Strangers became friends at the Barn as smiley faced stickers were passed around. Messages and memories are pouring in on the Boardy Barn’s social media, filled with stories of dancing with friends, meeting new people, falling in love and more.

So what lies ahead for the property at 270 West Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays- at this time its unclear. But the Barn and it’s memories under that big tent, will always live on.

The Boardy Barn posted the following message on their facebook page on Thursday announcing the sale.

“To our beloved family, employees, customers, partners and community:

Mickey Shields and Tony Galgano first opened the barn doors on April 16, 1970. From that day forward, the Boardy Barn became better and more unique the moment each of you passed through those doors. We are deeply grateful for the memories we hold in our hearts.

It is true that we have sold the property located at 270 West Montauk Highway Hampton Bays, effective May 5th, 2022. We wish the new owners all the best as they work to determine what the property will become.

We invite you to stay connected on social media so we can keep the memories alive.

Don’t Stop Believin’”

-By Brett Levine