Courthouse renaming for the honorable Judge Richard J. Mccord

Courthouse renaming for the honorable Judge Richard J. Mccord

After 34 years of exemplary and dedicated service to the City of Glen Cove, the Honorable Judge Richard J. McCord has retired from his position as City Court Judge.

On Saturday, November 18th, to honor his performance as the longest-sitting judge in the City of Glen Cove, the courthouse will be renamed the Richard J. McCord Glen Cove City Courthouse. The current city courthouse building opened in 1995.

The Glen Cove Community is cordially invited to join in the ceremony at noon at City Hall, 9 Glen Street, followed by refreshments at the Downtown Café, 4 School Street, Glen Cove.

Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck is very proud of Judge McCord. His influence and defense of justice have protected our community and removed violent criminals from our streets. He was tough when necessary while also being compassionate as evidenced by the many programs he established such as the Adolescent Diversion Program. His ‘Teen Court’ program was developed because he believed that “Education is the best form of crime prevention”.

We applaud Judge McCord’s strong leadership skills and unique understanding of the law and look forward to honoring him accordingly.

Picture: Judge McCord & his family with Mayor Panzenbeck and City Council in background.