The Secret to Letting go!

The Secret to Letting go!

“Let go or be dragged”-a Zen Proverb…True right??? How often do we make ourselves mental prisoners of how we wanted a situation to turn out or how we hoped friends or family members would have acted or responded? A LOT…that’s what all of that mental chatter we have going on in our heads is all about! And sometimes we just want to SLAM the door on that chatter because that’s our suffering.

Letting go….that’s a tough one…of situations and relationships. Sometimes after the torture, the crying and the disappointment, we need someone to look at us straight in the eyes with PURE CONVECTION and just tell us the obvious and what we may find hard to accept: “IT IS WHAT IT IS!…NOW LET IT THE HECK GO!!!!!” Giving all of your energy to the past just chains you to the past. Cut those chains so that you’re energy is now free to give to your future. Think about it… if you don’t let it go, how will it affect your life 5, 10, 15 years from now? Do you really want that?

Why is that so hard??? Because it means letting go of what you wanted so badly and wished could have been. You are not meant to suffer, you are meant to be happy…your light is supposed to shine. I think sometimes we go through major cleansings in our lives…sometimes we need to break past the past because there are situations and people in the future just waiting for us…just waiting for us to accept and let go so that God/The Universe can bring those situations and those people who we REALLY need in our lives to us…to match who we are now and where we know deep inside where we want our lives to go…and that’s where TRUST comes in.

Sometimes it’s NOT with the people we thought it would be , sometimes it’s NOT through the situations we hoped we would have had. Sometimes we have to finish the chapter and turn the page….and sometimes we have to put the whole darn book down and start another one! But one thing is for sure…life will go on…and your life will unfold exactly how it is supposed to….exactly on time….and exactly with the people you are supposed to keep in your life…and exactly without the ones who are not supposed to be there anymore. Find the people who build you up, take them aboard and move forward…..:) A whole new world awaits!……and you deserve it !


“Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on.” -Alan H. Cohen

My question to you:

What situations, people or thoughts do YOU have to let go of and why???…It’s time! 

With love and gratitude,

Donna xoxo